Saturday, February 21, 2009


Happy Saturday, everyone! I have missed posting this week, but am so grateful for all of my new and old friends here and all of your lovely comments. Thank you! I will be posting more this week, I promise!

I was lucky enough to be chosen for a spot in an Etsy treasury called "Fantasy" and my little Forest Fairy was chosen! Please visit this page and soak up all of the other amazing fantasy artists and their beautiful work:

I was chosen by June at ISEWCUTE. Please visit her shop as well :
Thank you, June! :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I got the loveliest email this morning from an etsy customer and a fellow etsy seller. Her name is Sharyne and she bought my "Lulu" print for her daughter, also named Lulu, for her 5th birthday.

She emailed me a picture of the 2 Lulu's together and posted it on her blog. Please visit Sharyne's blog (the Lulu's are about halfway down the page)

Thank you for sharing your Lulu pictures Sharyne, I really appreciate that!

Michelle :)

Friday, February 6, 2009


I recently found alot of old sketchbooks and watercolor Pet Portraits that I used to do in ink and watercolor and found "Cleo", the first portrait I did with my then new found style while I was in art school at Cal State Fullerton.

I loved working on her because it was just for me and I could render her anyway I wanted to. It was a real treasure to find tucked away and brought back so many nice memories.

Its funny how looking thru old sketchbooks I know exactly where I was and what time it was in my life. I spent an hour just flipping thru the pages of sketches, notes and writings from the past. How fun was that?!? Lots of fun! :)

I am going to mail this portrait to my friend Diana. She lost Cleo in December, I think she was 16. So I"m sure she will enjoy getting this.

What treasures have you found lately?

Michelle :)

Monday, February 2, 2009


Love is in the air....well, at least in my sketchbook! I have been drawing kissing couples, brides and grooms and love letters all over the pages of my sketchbook lately and have just about filled it up!

I also have been having fun with calligraphy and lettering again. (I won a penmanship award in 4th grade!) I have always loved calligraphy and writing so I want to incorporate more of my own handwriting into my art, like the word Love I posted here.

What have you been up to in YOUR sketchbook these days? Would love to hear all about your adventures there! :)