Friday, February 6, 2009


I recently found alot of old sketchbooks and watercolor Pet Portraits that I used to do in ink and watercolor and found "Cleo", the first portrait I did with my then new found style while I was in art school at Cal State Fullerton.

I loved working on her because it was just for me and I could render her anyway I wanted to. It was a real treasure to find tucked away and brought back so many nice memories.

Its funny how looking thru old sketchbooks I know exactly where I was and what time it was in my life. I spent an hour just flipping thru the pages of sketches, notes and writings from the past. How fun was that?!? Lots of fun! :)

I am going to mail this portrait to my friend Diana. She lost Cleo in December, I think she was 16. So I"m sure she will enjoy getting this.

What treasures have you found lately?

Michelle :)


Pease Porridge said...

Very Very cute. I love it.

Fotf said...

How lovely Michelle, reminds you where you came from and how things started x

Khaled KEM said...

Coming from Becky blog,

Very nice post. i found some of my notes the other day citing in points my first trips to Europe.

Leslie said...

Hi! It's so easy to get lost in memories and loose track of time. I actually found a couple of sketches, while spring cleaning,in the bottom of my desk that were done while I was in high school. I used to sketch people in magazine ads for practice.

Jade Scarlett said...

This is sooooo sweet!!!


Kimberly said...

Going through my old stuff inspires me. I know what you mean...I go to that place when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Nice way to put things back in order for me. Your kitty is great. So colorful.

Hibiscus Moon said...

That's an adorable one. I can't think of any lost treasures that I've found recently. Hmmmm, now you have me thinking.

ruthie said...

I love your "cleo" picture. It is a trip back through the years looking through old sketchbooks, like reading a story of your life. I just found last week a very old scribble i started along time ago & just blogged about it.

ruthie said...

ps: i have passed on an award to you if you would care to accept it *ruthie* (see over on my blog page)

Tammy said...

Wow your first piece in your newfound style looks fabulous! A treasure I found recently was a small vintage mirrored frame with a sketch of a dog that reminded me of my maltese, Chance. I had to have it. It is such a sweet and siple thing, but it made my heart sing. ;D
Have a wonderful week!