Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dear Friends,
I cant thank you enough for all of your lovely comments. I was in need of a hug today and when I got here this morning I had lots of them! Thank you so much all of my lovely friends, new and old! I am so grateful for you, thank you for being so kind!

Big Hugs to you all,

Michelle :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

"Harmony Goddess" 8 x 10 print is now available at my etsy shop!
Please visit and pass this link onto a friend!
Have a wonderful day,
Michelle :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Happy Saturday!

I wanted everyone to know that I will be running an ad in the Fall issue of Faerie Magazine on the Artists Corner page and will also have my "Snowy Forest Fairy" (see her pic below) Limited Edition print appearing on the 'giveaway' page. One lucky winner will recieve a free print which will be hand-embellished and signed and numbered by me.

I ran an ad in Faerie Magazine in the second issue and am so amazed at how even more amazing it has become. Anyone who loves fairies and fantasy, this is the magazine for you! The Autumn issue can be found in Barnes and Noble shelves in mid-October.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have been drawing birds in my sketch book since I borrowed a bird book from my Mom on Sunday and I cant believe that I have never discovered how wonderful these little creatures are! I am so loving them and have been enjoying listening to them outside my window in the morning. I love hummingbirds and have a feeder outside my window (but they like the bird of paradise flowers better!) but I am so excited that I have found a new way to look at all my little friends!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I borrowed a really great bird book from my Mom when I was visiting at her house on Sunday and have been sketching lots of little birdies since then! I added a few to my Xmas fairy (will give her a proper name soon!) I think she's ready to go!
Michelle :)

Monday, September 22, 2008


"Snowy Forest Fairy" Limited Edition print will soon be available on my Etsy shop for the holidays! Hope you enjoy her as much as I do!
Michelle :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


As I woke up freezing this morning and had to turn on my electric blanket (Yay! I love Fall!) I realized that Christmas is approaching and I want to start on a new Christmas "peace".
I was going to do a "Love Fairy" next but decided my little Christmas Fairy has been hiding in my sketchbook long enough! (actually she was drawn on notebook paper)
I have been wanting to add some little birdies to my work so I will have 3 in this one. I am really excited about this one!
Michelle :)

Friday, September 19, 2008


Even though I havent quite finished "Harmony Goddess", I couldnt wait to share her with you! I love this "peace" and am so excited about the way she turned out. She has restored my faith in myself to create a fresh look with new and exciting colors.
I still have a bit of cleanup to do so I will be posting the finished version in a couple of days. Hope you enjoy her as much as I do!
Michelle :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


The Second Saturday Art Fair was a blast again yesterday and as always thanks to my Mom and my dear friend Jamie for helping with my booth.
I had so many nice people comment on my art. One woman said that my art made her smile. I am still flying from those words, I just love hearing that! There were lots of little girls "studying" my bookmarks because they're Mom's said to pick "one" and they had to make sure they were making the right decision! I loved every minute of that and meeting such great people and not to mention all the cool dogs that came with them. (Especially "Sunny" the yellow lab puppy who was "high-fiving" everyone!)
There were some new artists this month as well, just as talented as everyone else there. I loved hanging out with my new friends, its a pleasure to be there with them.
My friend Jamie was working in the booth with me and told everyone who bought a bookmark that when you put one of my bookmark's in a book and come back to it, the book is better because of the bookmark in it! I thought that was the sweetest thing! Magical bookmarks, I love it! Thanks, James! :)
Well, I have lots of new ideas for next months booth so I'd better get started now!
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
Michelle :)


Friday, September 5, 2008


The most exciting thing for an artist (other than selling their art of course!) has to be hearing how much someone loves your work after they have bought it and brought it home.

I have some wonderful petsitting clients who bought "Lulu" my latest ballerina for their 4 year old daughter, Sophie last month at my art show in San Juan Capistrano. (Second Saturday Art Fair) They bought a matted 8 X 10 print for her room.

I spoke to my client this morning and asked how Sophie likes her "Lulu" print. She replied by just saying "She loves it!" She told me that Sophie has it next to her bed and every night when its "story time" she has to hold it and look at it and always talks about how Michelle made this picture.

I couldnt get enough of it! She made my whole week! I think that has to be my favorite thing about being an artist. When anyone, especially a little girl, enjoys my art that much and I get to hear a story like that, I am so completely grateful that I am an artist and that I am able to make someone love my art the way I love it.

Thank you Sophie for making my day!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I am so excited to be posting my first blog here. I have blogs on 3 artist networks but have wanted to start a blog here where I can add photos, share stories of creativity and inspiration.

I am an artist who belives that the world can always use more enchantment and inspiration so I hope to add some to each and every blog!

Your comments are always welcome! Have a wonderful day!

Michelle :)