Thursday, April 23, 2009


As I was working (playing) in my sketchbook this morning, I started writing this little prayer of thanks for being an artist so I thought I would share it with you along with my little, "Angel of Hope" illustration. This is for you!

My Proud To Be An Artist Prayer:

I am proud to call myself an artist. My heart needs to be expressed through my work, my soul feels fulfilled when I do, so I do it and when I do, I inspire myself to do more.

I love the sweet moments of creating my unique work. It brings peace, love, joy and harmony to my life, no matter what it looks like, no matter how much. It is me, materialized. It is me sharing my heart and sould with the world.

Thank you for letting me share my art with the world. This is why I am proud to call myself an artist.



simoart said...

You are a wonderful artist. I love your angel, when I look at it, I feel peace.

Lille Diane said...

Thank you for sharing your prayer with us. I will remember it and if its ok, may use it at times too. Your work is a reflection of the beauty inside you.

Susan Rodio said...

This is really beautiful, i agree it is important to feel grateful. Your work is really gorgeous too, filled with light and joy.

Michelle said...

Thank you all for your lovely words. This prayer is for all of us so please feel free to use it and pass it along to anyone who might need some inspiration!

Michelle :)

suziart said...

Lovely prayer!