Friday, January 22, 2010


Happy Friday, all! Its been a wild weather week here in California!! Its still raining!! Its been really busy with petsitting this week, alot of wet doggies!!:)

I finally finished and listed my new mermaid stamp called, "Pearl" I really loved the sketch of her and I still think I like the sketch better thank the stamp! I think I might even frame it! Anyway, here she is, I hope you all like her, too! Hope you are getting some creative time in for yourself this weekend!!:)


Rhonda Miller said...

I love her. Soo cute.

Sandra said...

Pearl is beautiful!! Very nice work Michelle!!

Michelle said...

Thank you Rhonda and Sandra!! I'm so glad you like Pearl!:)

Layla said...


I like the smooth silkiness mermaid-y feeling about her! :)

Dena E's Blog said...

Hi Michelle!!! Loved your note and totally enjoyed your Love letter!!! You said everything that I couldn't. Maybe 1 day i'll be able to be as talented as you and even so right now I feel so encoursged by those who do take time toleave me a note or 2 . We are very blessed. By the way, coming from your area, my mom ran a fancy grooming parlor for ,yes, mostly Poodles",, We did the hair, nails and bows on them all. Wow, and yuck at the same time. She was even called on (my mom) for helping to get rid of the smells left behind from skunk attacks ,,hehehe, on some from those wonderful pets living in the foothills there. That was the yuck part and it was in the 70's scary!!! So I share with you about the wet dogs. Wow Michelle there I go jabbering again.. I best get back to glittering for the next delivery of cards.. So happy to get your note..Your friendship means the world to me..
Keep Creating,,God has totally blessed you ...You bring us all JOY Sweetie~~~Big Iowa hugs from a Cali girl...Dena