Saturday, February 6, 2010


WELCOME TO THE "LOVE LETTER BLOG HOP!" IT STARTS HERE!! We will be celebrating Valentines day by writing a special love letter to the love of our lives! It can be your husband, boyfriend, mother, sister, daughter or son, or a loved one who is no longer with us. I donated my "love letter fairy" stamp to our blog hop participants to create a special something with red, pink and gold as well! She is flying around the world delivering all of our love letters! (and candy hearts here and there, too!:)

Hope you all enjoy all of the wonderful creations on our blog hop!!:)

Here is my Love Letter:

My Letter is to all of you!! To all of my PCP members who participated in our hop and also to ALL of the members of our PCP and SNR group, to all of the wonderful people, artists and friends who support me and my art everyday!! This is for you!!

Dear Friends,

I am writing my love letter to all of you because I just wanted to share how much your love and support has meant to me as an artist. Without all of you there would be no ME!

Everyday I go online I find a new gift from you whether it be an encouraging email, a comment on my blog about my artwork or a sale at my Etsy shop (a shameless plug!!)
I want you to know how much I appreciate all of these things everyday and all of you who make all of my days here special!! I love that and look forward to each new day beacause of the love I recieve from you all!!

Your support has given me the inspiration to keep moving and keep creating. It is so important for us artists to hear that we are creating something that other people appreciate. My goal as an artist is to inspire and to make people happy with my art and I hope to keep doing that. With your love and support it has been easy!!

Thank you all for everything you do!!! I am so blessed to call you all my friends!!

Love and Hugs,



The next stop will be Tammy's blog, have fun!!!:)

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Lynne Armstrong said...

We love you too Michelle :) How lucky are we to have a resident artist who creates such beautiful, amazing images for us to play with!! And you are so generous to us with the freebies you provide. We hope to have you creating for us, for a very long time lol!
Lynne xx

Pattie G said...

Michelle, You are loved because you are you! There is no other way for me to say this but without you my inspirations would not exist. I thank you for all of your kind words day after day...


Pauline said...

Hi Michelle! What a wonderful letter... bless you! Thank you for inspiring so much creativity within us!
Hugs from Australia!

Fotf said...

Happy Valentines Day Michelle, what a lovely letter and without you and your art where would we be? Creative hugs x

~Jeri~ said...

How sweet and what a fun blog hop. Your creations are always awesome!!

ileana said...

Hi Michelle! what a lovely letter, thanks so much, it´s really tuching. You are such a sweet person... so generous and amazingly talented. You deserve this and more. I´m so happy to be part of this group of friends. Hugs to you!

Marilyn Webb said...

Michelle, I am such a fan, every time I create something with your work, its like having your autograph. Keep up the great work, and look forward to seeing more.

Avril Ann said...

Michelle what a fabulous "Love Letter" I would have to do something like this myself, how great are blog to hop. Hugs Avril xxxx

Anjou Krelovich said...

What a sweet letter. Thank you Michelle! Your art inspires so many of us!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful love letter Michelle! Great way to start the blog off. Hugs!

Tammy said... make is so easy to support you. You draw the most amazing images and I am so happy to call you my friend!!!

Michelle said...

Oh, you guys are the best!!! Thank you so much!! MWAH!!!:)

Tricia said...

aw Michelle, you are so sweet!

Micki said...

:-) Thank you for that letter and thank you for just being you :-). I am so glad I participated.


Seongsook Duncan said...

Michelle, your love letter for everyone is so touching. Thanks very much. I came back to write this comment since I read it last night to thank you for your exceptional inspiration. Although I told you that I was going to bed I couldn't fall a sleep after all I spent almost all day to complete my posting yesterday. What a fun day it was! Now go find more inspiration. Thanks again for your beautiful Love Letter Fairy image and inspiring me of Love.

Rhonda Miller said...

Awww, Michelle, your soo sweet. Your art is soo great, it inspires me to create. I just love all of your images. Thanks for all you do creating them and encouraging us in creating with them.


Patricia St Martin said...

This is a wonderful letter. This is my first time here so it will be fun to see what everyone has done and your images.

Michelle said...

Thank you all so much for your amazing support!! I love you guys!!!:)

Welcome, Patricia! Thank you for stopping by!!:)

Killam Creative said...

Michelle, this is very sweet. Thanks for *your* love, and sending it right back at you!


Mary said...

Love your images Michelle.

Thank you for creating such beautiful images.

And for putting this blog hop together.


Sammi said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for everything!!

Michelle said...

Thanks you guys!!! I'm such a lucky gal today to have all of this love shared on my blog with all of you!! You are the best!! MWAH!!:)

cabio's craft corner said...

what a nice letter for us to view Michelle. Thanks for this fun blog hop :o)