Friday, May 13, 2011


I feel so blessed this week with creativity and with abundance as well. I have been having a bit of a mojo slump lately so it was a thrill to have something wonderful coming to life in the pages of my sketchbook yesterday!

Last weekend I went to a super cute shop near where I live called Debra's Cottage. They sell all kinds of furniture, wall art, journals, rubber stamps, home decor and clothing all hand-made and were having a Mother's Day party on Saturday and raffling off lots of prizes during the day and were handing out lots of goodies so I helped myself to the dessert table and had some yummy lemon water. I was ready for some shopping after all that sugar:)

I put my name into 6 of the items to be raffled off, one was a really cool journal by Papaya cards and one was this gorgeous angel which I won! Isnt she beautiful?!

When I took her home the other day I sat staring at her and thought that she might bring me some inspiration and she sure did, I drew "Faith" my new digital stamp sketch yesterday and I cant wait to ink her, I'm truly excited about her and I hope you are too!:)

I'll be inking her this weekend and hoping for lots more inspiration!:)


Sharon said...

Cute sketch Michelle - she will be a great digi!

Fotf said...

Ahh how lovely Michelle that some life gifts came your way and with it some inspiration :)

Ellis said...

Lovely sketch and wonderful angel you won! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Andrea said...

yea! congrats to you! She's beautiful!

Mary J said...

She's totally gorgeous Michelle - both of them! I hope you'll be turning her into a digi!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely sketch Michelle! Congratulations on winning the raffle prize!