Monday, September 19, 2011


Here is a little sketch for my next digital stamp called, "Ashley, the Autumn Sprite." She started in my notebook and I fell in love with her and cut her out and taped her into my sketchbook so I could finish her dress and thought she needed a little beret made from an acorn top:)

I'm excited about her and having time to create in my work schedule again. Its nice and cool this week and is inspiring me to create lots of Halloween and fall images and I've added the soundtrack to the Lord of the Rings to my playlist and its giving me lots of inspiration for fairies and goddesses and fairy tale characters:)

Have a wonderful and creative week everyone!



Sharon said...

Oh she is gorgeous and perfect for Autumn!

Michelle said...

Thank you so much, Sharon, I'm glad you like her:)

Rhonda Miller said...

Oh my goodness, she is so cute. I already have her on my wish list.

Georgia Ehrmann said...

so very pretty! I love your Autumn Sprite!

aqualeiga said...

Hi Michelle, so pleased you're finding time to get creative, this little lovely is gorgeous!

Hugs, Ali x

Mary J said...

Just beautiful, Michelle! LOTR is one of my all time faves too! I want to be an elf! But don't tell anyone that cos it would ruin my 'ordinary' image!!

Michelle said...

Thank you, Rhonda, so happy to hear that Ashley is on your wish list:)

Hi Georgia! So nice to see you, thank you:)

Hi Ali, thank you so much, it feels great to be creating again, I was missing it, Glad you like Ashley:)

Hi Mary, thank you, I wont tell:) LOTR is so awesome, isnt it?