Monday, October 24, 2011


This weekend I was drawing lots of Christmas images including a new Christmas Goddess, but I wanted to share a little Halloween sketch I did, too.

I am calling this fun little witch, Dot and her little kitty cat is called Dash:)

Happy almost Halloween, everyone! Are you all dressing up for Halloween on Monday evening? What will you be? What costumes are the kids putting on this year?


Rhonda Miller said...

This is so cute. I decided this year I would dress up as the kids. I have wings and everything. Happy Halloween to you.

Sharon said...

So cute Michelle and love her name and the cat's name too!!!

Shelley said...

she is so cute Michelle!!

Karen said...

I adore Dot, and you know I love the kitty!

Michelle said...

Thank you, Rhonda, you are so funny, I'm sure you and the kids will have a blast, Happy Halloween to you, too:)

Thank you, Sharon, I'm glad you like the names:)

Thank you, Shelley:)

Thank you, Karen, I kind of thought you'd like little Dash:)

Mary J said...

OMG, this is is brilliant - I NEED it!!