Thursday, January 21, 2016


Hi Everyone,

I hope your new year is starting out with lots of hope, inspiration and creativity. 

I've been super busy with petsitting and am putting together some new stamp sets with Sparkle N Sprinkle to be released soon, so I will keep you posted:)

I am also getting ready to teach a bible art journaling class next month at my friends' daughter's Life Group at her church. It will be for fifteen, thirteen year old young ladies and I am super excited about it so I've been practicing my lettering and watercolor techniques and planning a fun class. Here is one of my bible art journaling "doodles" that I wanted to share:

I've also been sketching ideas for Easter, Spring and Mother's Day images, I have been drawing lots of birds and flowers lately. I wanted to share one of my sketchbook pages with you as well:

And finally, I have added some new boards to my Pinterest Page, this one is called, "heart and soul chicken soup" and I wanted it to be a place where you read some uplifting words and were wrapped up in a cozy hug of inspiration and color and a place to just be inspired by some amazing art when you need  it:)

And I have lots of new pins added to my other boards, check out my main Pinterest Page here 



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