Saturday, August 1, 2009


Congratulations to Kerri from Constellations who won my "Sweetie" Christmas print today.
Today just happens to be her birthday so I am extra happy that she is the winner!
Hope you enjoy it, Kerri!
Please visit Kerri's lovely blogs, you will get lost there! :)


Snap said...

Congratulations to Kerri!

Fotf said...

Aaahh thank you Michelle, it was a lovely end to my day to find i'd won your Sweetie print, i so look forward to it dropping through my door and you know it's gonna have a place on my walls come the festive season.Thanks so much and for this post too :-)

Michelle said...

Thank you, Snap, for being so kind in congratulating Kerri! So nice of you!

Michelle :)

Michelle said...


You are SO welcome! You will have to send me a picture of Sweetie when she's up on your wall!

Michelle :)

Rosa said...

What a talent you have. I love your giveaway, along with all your other delightful illustrations! What a wonderful heart you have! Thank you for your visit. xo

Michelle said...

Oh, Rosa, thank YOU for visiting MY blog as well, I so appreciate that!

Michelle :)