Thursday, November 19, 2015


Hi everyone,

Over the summer I discovered bible art journaling thanks to Karen Seifert, who posted a lovely bible art journaling page on my Facebook page with one of my fairy images and from that moment on I was hooked, thank you, Karen!

First and foremost, I came back to my faith about 4 years ago and am experiencing life with Jesus for the first time in my life and it is the most beautiful life imaginable, if you know Him you know what I mean:)

I've never read the bible in my life until 4 years ago and love and live by it (at least I try to) now and when I discovered bible art journaling I just couldnt imagine how beautiful two of my favorite things put together could be; art and God's word. I LOVE it and some of the pages that people paint, draw and illustrate that I've seen online are so lovely and inspiring to me.

I wanted to share a few pages with you to hopefully inspire you. I dont have a note taking bible with margins but I have been using either my sketchbook or my lined journal from the drugstore, here is a page from that journal:

I love the lined pages, it helps keep all the text straight. I have been compiling all of my favorite scripture verses in this book sort of as a "go to" book when I need some inspiration or a pick me up or to just play and color. I've also been using ink pens and have found a new pen I just love that is awesome for hand lettering, Pitt pens are awesome. Here are a couple of bible art journaling images from my sketchbook:

I really like taking one main verse and then journaling and adding other verses around it. Once I get started I never know where it will go and that is what I love about it. And just taking my watercolors out and coloring is so much fun. I took this one to the beach the other day and just enjoyed where the process went.

Here is another (kind of messy and wrinkled) sketchbook page that was so fun to work on:

I have also been enjoying working on hand lettering and with the Pitt pens the lettering pretty much writes itself, like magic:)

Have you guys tried bible journaling? I would love to hear your comments about your experience and what types of pens, supplies and bibles you use.

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