Sunday, September 14, 2008


The Second Saturday Art Fair was a blast again yesterday and as always thanks to my Mom and my dear friend Jamie for helping with my booth.
I had so many nice people comment on my art. One woman said that my art made her smile. I am still flying from those words, I just love hearing that! There were lots of little girls "studying" my bookmarks because they're Mom's said to pick "one" and they had to make sure they were making the right decision! I loved every minute of that and meeting such great people and not to mention all the cool dogs that came with them. (Especially "Sunny" the yellow lab puppy who was "high-fiving" everyone!)
There were some new artists this month as well, just as talented as everyone else there. I loved hanging out with my new friends, its a pleasure to be there with them.
My friend Jamie was working in the booth with me and told everyone who bought a bookmark that when you put one of my bookmark's in a book and come back to it, the book is better because of the bookmark in it! I thought that was the sweetest thing! Magical bookmarks, I love it! Thanks, James! :)
Well, I have lots of new ideas for next months booth so I'd better get started now!
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
Michelle :)

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