Friday, September 5, 2008


The most exciting thing for an artist (other than selling their art of course!) has to be hearing how much someone loves your work after they have bought it and brought it home.

I have some wonderful petsitting clients who bought "Lulu" my latest ballerina for their 4 year old daughter, Sophie last month at my art show in San Juan Capistrano. (Second Saturday Art Fair) They bought a matted 8 X 10 print for her room.

I spoke to my client this morning and asked how Sophie likes her "Lulu" print. She replied by just saying "She loves it!" She told me that Sophie has it next to her bed and every night when its "story time" she has to hold it and look at it and always talks about how Michelle made this picture.

I couldnt get enough of it! She made my whole week! I think that has to be my favorite thing about being an artist. When anyone, especially a little girl, enjoys my art that much and I get to hear a story like that, I am so completely grateful that I am an artist and that I am able to make someone love my art the way I love it.

Thank you Sophie for making my day!

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