Saturday, September 20, 2008


As I woke up freezing this morning and had to turn on my electric blanket (Yay! I love Fall!) I realized that Christmas is approaching and I want to start on a new Christmas "peace".
I was going to do a "Love Fairy" next but decided my little Christmas Fairy has been hiding in my sketchbook long enough! (actually she was drawn on notebook paper)
I have been wanting to add some little birdies to my work so I will have 3 in this one. I am really excited about this one!
Michelle :)


Jennifer said...

I love the chilly air of Fall, too! The brisk air, the spicy scents, the crunch of leaves under foot....AHHHH! My fav time of year!!

Jennifer said...

BTW, this new piece is oe of MY new favs, lol. So sweet!

Michelle said...

My absolute favorite time of year, too! Even in CA!

Thanks, Jen! I like her, too. Now she needs a name!:)