Sunday, November 9, 2008


I was lucky enough to have some time off from petsitting today (although I am being stared at by Nicholas the yellow lab right now :) so I was looking around at different illustrator blogs. Wow, talk about being inspired. I could spend all day looking at other people's work. I love illustration, especially childrens book illustration.

I found a Beatrix Potter illustration site. I remember when I was little my mother always used to by me her books, the tiny ones that were so wonderfully illustrated. I always loved her biography and so loved the movie, "Miss Potter" that came out last year with Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor (sp?).

I still have alot of my books and a huge bookshelf of art books. Most of them are fairy tale books, my absolute favorites. I love pulling one off the shelf now and then and looking at the illustrations and being reminded of where I was when I bought it, or who gave it to me or what I loved about it and still do. If it was up to me I'd have a big library full of art books with all my favorite illustrators with a big section of fairy artists :)

What are your favorite books? I'd love to hear!

Michelle :)


Anonymous said...

I love Beatrix Potter as well.I also adore the Madeline books too. My girls are grown(in their early twenties) I still find myself looking at childrens books in Barnes and Noble.Actually thought of making a little collection for a grandchild someday, hahah thats how much I love them and miss buying them.

Tashai said...

Oh, I would use all the space up if I listed my favorite books. ;)

So many children's books have beautiful illustrations. I also have a collection of all types of books just because I like the artwork and enjoy looking at them.

Michelle said...

I love the Barnes and Noble Childrens book section!

I'm glad you guys love children's book illustration as much as I do as well as other illustrated books. There is something so magical about a story that is illustrated well, it comes to life!

Flor Larios Art said...

I do not know of any in particular but I love the childrens books with images painted like if a child painted them.
I also like fairies, a lot. I just got for my little neighbor a fairies cute book with lots of activities. I got it at BJ's.

Michelle said...

I love that kind of illustration, too, Flor, and with fairies, even better! I'm sure your neighbor will love her book :)