Saturday, November 29, 2008


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I worked in between turkey and stuffing but still had a lovely day:)

This morning it was back to the drawing board, me and Sweetie, the Peppermint Christmas Fairy! I have been seeing peppermint designs everywhere in the last week since I have been working on her. I have seen little girls in candy cane dresses, candy canes, surf boards with peppermint designs in a surf shop window and all kinds of packaging in stores. I bought some peppermint hot chocolate yesterday and this morning I worked on Sweetie with my candy cane candle burning, my peppermint mocha in my coffee and a candy cane stick in it! I was SO in the mood to work on her not to mention I was in the Christmas spirit! :)

Have you been creative today? Hope so, what have you guys been working on?


Anonymous said...

LOL Im working on my page. I just blogged about how its messed up.I put it the way I want it click save and it isnt the same. By the way, maybe we have esp,I have peppermint candies on my banner LOL.

Michelle said...

And your background color is mint on your blog! I love it!