Tuesday, December 2, 2008


As I was walking to my car in the mall parking lot tonight I saw two little girls just jumping up and down with such joy I thought to myself, "That's me!" I do that all the time! That is so me, and thank god!

I have always had and always will have a childlike spirit and I intend to keep it that way. I find bliss in the littlest things and I just hope that in some little way I pass it on to you thru my art. That is why I am posting "Tutti-Frutti" today because she is so fun and playful.

Here's hoping that you get a little happiness from her and I hope you get to jump up and down and clap today! Try it, its really fun! :)



AngelaMichelle said...

I like her! She does have a childlike joy & whimsy.

Anonymous said...

Ive always kept the child inside me alive. In fact Ive been told by a few they love it. So nice message to pass along.Its nice to be childlike once in a while,instead of stuffy and proper right?LOL I totally agree with you!

Michelle said...

Thank you guys so much.

Becky, you said it,I love being a kid! :)

Leslie said...

I feel the same way-sometimes I'm so goofy-like a kid-and I don't even care if people stare at me or think I'm nutz!

I'm a lover of life and my inner child comes out all the time-goofy or not!

Love your Art!


Michelle said...

Leslie, I am so happy to know there are other fellow goofy kids out there! Glad you are having fun, thats what life is all about, right?!?