Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am done inking my peppermint fairy! I LOVE her! Will be posting pics soon!

Have a wonderful day!

Michelle :)


ButterCup said...

Hi Michelle,
Please take a look at my blog, you're one of my nominees for "One Lovely blog" award! :)

Fotf said...

Now, now don't be teasing us with i willbe showing piccies later lol! Sold two more cards yesterday :)

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! Can't wait to see the finished product!! :)

AngelaMichelle said...

I like coming & seeing your drawings - you better have this one done soon! :)

Amariah said...

I can't wait to see it!

Michelle said...

I love you guys so much right now! Here is a big Peppermint fairy hug for you all! You have made my day even more enchanted! THANK YOU!

Thank you, Buttercup, I'm honored!
Kerri! Thank you my friend, you are the best! :)

blazedanielle, I cant wait either!

Angelamichelle, I promise to have something to show on Monday! And thank you for yelling at me to finish this, I love it. Your a crack up!:))