Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hello Dear Friends!
I cant believe it has been so long since I've posted. I have missed all of you and the wonderful inspiration I get from all of you here. I was lucky enough to recieve this lovely "XO your art blog award" from Kimmie at Once Upon a Blue Crow. Thank you, Kimmie!
Also, I got an email from an online magazine to be featured as an etsy seller so when I'm "published" I'll post the link!
Yesterday was the Second Saturday Art Fair (have a booth at this monthly show in San Juan Capistrano) and it was the best show yet. I sold lots of prints and cards and got 2 commissions as well.
I met the most interesting and lovely people. One of my petsitting clients came to visit with her little dog, Pepper and another doggie regular, Angel, the golden retriever stopped by to say hello with her little St. Patty's day bandana on!
I met Jackie from Arizona who packed up her car, her 2 dogs (one of them was a pregnant little scottie who was waddling around) and wanted to see the ocean and get away, made no plans and ended up in my booth talking with Jamie and I. She was on a "good for the soul" weekend. How cool is that?!?
Also met Sherri who just came from the stables in her riding outfit. She had her portfolio with her, she paints horses in a really colorful and whimsical style, loved her work alot. She will be selling at the next show. Very inspiring work!
Thank you to my Mom for helping me set up and of course to my best friend Jamie as always for being there all day with me, Thanks, James!
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Hibiscus Moon said...

Good to see you back. That show soudns like a lovely day with many interesting, wonderful people. How luck you are. :D

Kimberly said...

So you had a 'good for the soul' weekend as well! I sell better in person too, the vindication is so wonderful...makes you want to go home and do more art!
You have a great week too, Kimberly

Fotf said...

Welcome home, have missed you x

Michelle said...

Thanks you guys! Missed you, too. I am still smiling because I had such a great day at the art show saturday. And, Kimberly, you are SO right. I did have a good for my soul weekend. I sketched easter bunnies and little easter fairies all morning on Sunday I was so inspired and motivated. I really needed that! As well as needing to be here with you guys who feed my creative soul like crazy. Thank you all so much for inspiring me!

Michelle :)