Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have so been enjoying my doggie walks over the last month. It is such a lovely time of year in Southern California. We have had lots of rain (yay :)) and the canyons are so green and lush with yellow, purple and white wildflowers. I gasp everytime I see them!
The jasmine is out and grows in such thick clumps I always walk by it and stick my nose into it and take a deep breath! MMMMMMMMMMMMM!
Wisteria is in bloom as well and love to see it growing on the trellaces I walk under. I imagine myself going into a secret garden on the other side!
I have had Spring on the brain and in my sketchbook lately. I have been drawing dancing bunnies with flowered wreaths around their heads and pink tutu's! I will try to scan them this week and post them.
Until then I hope you enjoy "Sister's of Spring". Have a wonderful day!
Michelle :)


La Bohemien said...

Beautiful Images!!!

"Blog Artists" said...

Very sweet their flowers how they're just blowing in the breeze!
Have a good day!

Fotf said...

Hello my friend, been a while, glad to hear you're enjoying the sunshine and flowers.Stop by and take a look at the ivy see what you make of things :-)

Hibiscus Moon said...

Sisters of Spring is lovely. Can't wait to see the bunnies.

ruthie said...

that is a picture that says spring! beautiful

Michelle said...

Thank you all so much, your words are like the jasmine to me, just lovely.

Kerri, thank you for your amazing tribute to me on your new blog. I LOVE the look and feel of it, so nice of you to think of helping others. Love you!