Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Happy Tuesday everyone! I just posted my "Arianna" digital stamp on my Etsy shop! I love this image and I truly try to live by this verse. I believe in taking chances and being strong and bold whenever possible, even if you're scared stiff! :)
So I hope all of you will take a chance or try something new that scares you today, no matter how small and then share it with us! Let's declare today - NO FEAR DAY!! :))
Here is wishing you luck at taking a chance today!
Michelle :)


Snap said...

Arianna is gorgeous! Well done!

Amariah said...

Very pretty and great advice!

Barbara said...

Love it Michelle shes beautiful off to grab this one

Michelle said...

Hi Snap!

Thank you so much! :)

Michelle :)

Michelle said...

Hi Amariah!

Thank you and yes, it is advice I need to keep giving to myself! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Michelle :)

Michelle said...

Thanks, Barbara! I cant wait to see another gorgeous creation of yours! Spectacular work! :)

beedeebabee♥ said...

She's just beautiful! I really love those wings!!! ;)

ABellaBlog said...

Always a treat to drop by.
You're one of my blogs I can't live without...

i brake 4 dreams said...

I declare it no fear day as well ;o)

I need it to actuall ybe no fear WEEK, lol!

love + luck + bliss,
missysue xox

P.S. love the new stamp!

Michelle said...

Hi Snap! Thank you! :))

Michelle said...

Hi Bee! Thanks so much, I'm so glad you like her! :))

Michelle said...

Hi Vickie!!

I was thinking of you last night, I was working on my Dorthy and Toto sketch!

Michelle :)

Michelle said...

Hi Missy Sue!

Yes, No Fear week is even better!

Michelle :)