Sunday, November 15, 2009


Happy Sunday, everyone! I finally had half a day off today, so I shut my phone and my computer off for a couple of hours and got some serious artwork done! I highly recommend doing that! It is SO amazing what happens when you do!
I have been trying for weeks to get my "Aqua Marina" mermaid stamp finished and she finally is! I was thrilled to get my new "Wishing Star Angel" finished yesterday but even more to have this one done and listed on my Etsy shop!
Its been a while since I worked on a mermaid, so I really enjoyed it. I have a new mermaid sketch that I'm not sure what to do with, but I really like her! :) Hope you enjoy "Aqua Marina!" Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!
Michelle :)


Julie said...

She's so beautiful, Michelle! Your hard work certainly paid off--as it does with all your beautiful creations!

Michelle said...

Thank you, Julie, you are such a doll! I really appreciate (and look forward to:)) all of your lovely comments! It makes my day! :)