Sunday, November 29, 2009


WELCOME TO OUR "WISHING STAR ANGEL" BLOG HOP!!:) I hope you all enjoy our wonderful blog hop and beautiful creations along the way! Our participants used my "Wishing Star Angel" image to create a card and were to make a special wish for someone other than themselves. Have fun!:)

Here is Ileana's beautiful entry to our blog hop, I'm posting her's here since Ileana doesnt have a blog yet. Please enjoy her wonderful and heartfelt wish for her daughter and her amazing entry with my "Wishing Star Angel!"

I have a 10 y-o daughter and, because life is not always easy, I don´t have her with me all year round but the summers, when she finishes school she comes here to spend 3 months with me. I miss her terribly, more than I can say, but we spend the most beautiful months together every year and I´m so grateful to life I can do it. My thoughts are always with her and on this special time of the year my wish is for her:
"I wish her to remain as brave, caring and nice as she is now; brave so she can conquer all difficulties, caring so she doesn´t forget about other people needs and act consecuently, and nice because if she is a nice person (not only with people but also with life, nature, etc) she´ll get that in return."

Thank you so much Ileana for a beautiful wish for your daughter, you are an amazing woman! And thank you for such a gorgeous card! Its an amazing piece of art, Ileana!:)

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Fotf said...

Wonderful job Ileana, and i love your wish although it's got me a little teary :)

Nancy said...

Beautiful card, Ileana:O) And best wishes to your ddaughter:O)
Hugs, Nancy;O)

Anne said...

Ileana, your card is amazing and awesome, you are very talented. And thank you for sharing your wish as well as your talent

Jennifer Scull said...

oh Ileana, that is a beautiful wish for your daughter! she is so blesed to have you for her mother! you can not know how those times together are treasured by her, but I am sure she holds them close in her heart!
Michelle, this is just the start of a most glorious hop! I am so happy to be a part - thank you! :)

Killam Creative said...

Hi Michelle!

Illeana, your card is beautiful and your wish gave me tears. I hope she gets to see this!


debb said...

oh Michelle= I am so excited to start hopping!. Ileana - your card and your wish are beautiful and heartfelt!

Michelle said...

Thank you Ileana for a wonderful entry! You are such and amazing woman! Your daughter is so lucky to have a mother who loves her so much! And thank you so much for such a beautiful entry, oh, your card is just wonderful, Ileana! Thank you so much!


Tammy said...

So Beautiful Ileana!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Snap said...

What fun!

Tanya said...

WHat a beautiful card (and a powerful wish)!

Rhonda Miller said...

Beautiful card Ileana. What a great wish for your daughter.

Terri's Cards N' More said...

Beautiful card and a wonderful wish for your daughter.

gina said...

Stunning entry, and such a beautiful wish from the heart, its sure to come tue.


Lori said...

Beautiful card and an even more beautiful wish. I know that you and your family will be blessed and i hope it's with little pattering feet soon.

ileana said...

Hi all! thanks so much for the nice comments, I always get teary when I think how lucky I am to be part of my DD´s life. And a huge THANK YOU to you Michelle! thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate and enjoy this wonderful blog hop.

Jenny said...

Your card is gorgeous!! What a lovely wish for your daughter, I hope the winter and spring go by fast so that you can have your summer!!

Jean said...

Ileana, your card is so beautiful...And what a beautiful wish for your daughter.
Hugs Jean

Jana M. said...

Beautiful card, Ileana! May your Christmas wish come true!

Crazy Creations said...

That is a great wish I understand how it is haveing your baby with you all year around I get to see my daughter once a year but it make it more specail when that time comes .Your a wonderful person .Thank you for sharing this is going to be a great hop.Hugs Sarah K

Brandi said...

Gorgeous card... your wish is so beautiful!

Cr8ive ME said...

wonderful job.

And what a great wish for your daughter.


Anonymous said...