Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Happy Wednesday! I have been filling up my sketchbook with lots of fun stuff lately and have been working in graphite again for a change as well as watercolor. It is so fun to be working in color again and am drooling over the yummy watercolors in my palette, its been years since I used them and they are good as new, just like they've been waiting for me!

I drew a new mermaid named "Coral" that I'd thought I'd share with you all, she will be made into an stamp soon, I promise!




Rhonda Miller said...

Love it. Abby's gonna flip when she sees it.

Claire said...

Coral is gorgeous Michelle,
Claire xx

Sharon said...

OMG she is divine!! Can't wait for this one!

Denise and Louise said...

She's gorgeous xx

Shelley said...

Love it, so pretty!!

Michelle said...

Thank you girls so much for your nice comments, I had SO much fun working on this one and am always excited to create a new mermaid!