Monday, October 13, 2008


You know that feeling, the anticipation, the restless night of sleep, dreaming of what will be there...

The feeling as a kid on Christmas morning! I felt that yesterday. For once, I had the day off and didnt have to get in my car or go anywhere. I was in heaven! I got up, made my coffee and got back into bed with my sketchbook. (one of my very favorite things to do!)

As I opened the page to the blankness of many possibilities, my pencil started to discover what was waiting to be created. I first did a drawing of a little birthday girl with a party dress, pigtails and lots of balloons, named Lilly.

I turned the page and who popped out but Sweetie, the peppermint candy cane fairy! I spent an hour figuring out what her costume looked like. She holds a present tied with candy canes and decorated with ribbon candy. Her little coat is striped with candy cane colors and she has a fur-lined hat, coat and little shoes! I cant wait to get her scanned to show everyone!

It certainly was a wonderfully creative day. Those are the days that feel like Christmas and my birthday all at once. (which by the way, IS my birthday! :)) I savored every minute of those sketches and went back to them before bed last night to draw more. Cant wait for the next time I get to stay in my jammies all day!


Fotf said...

Look forward to seeing the finished results Michelle.Bring on Christmas i say lol!

Michelle said...

I know how much you love Christmas, Kerri, it will be here soon!