Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The California wildfires are raging again, as most of you have probably seen in the news the last couple of days. One of them was 2 or 3 miles from my house yesterday afternoon in Newport Beach. I saw the flames and the black smoke as I was heading home from dogwalking.

Thankfully, the fire department got to it early and there is a resevoir close by that a helicopter was able to fill its tanks and drop water on the fire to contain it within an hour. Thank you NBFD!!

As I was watching the helicopter put out the fire on tv, I looked around and thought about what I would take with me if I needed to evacuate. (this was my second time I was in this situation since I've lived here) What is so important to me? What if I only had one minute to get out? What would I take with me?

I decided my artwork files, which I keep in a metal fire proof box, would be the first thing. My computer and printers would have to stay ( I really need a laptop). The next 3 things would be my photos, the cards and letters that my Mom and friends sent me when I was in the Air Force, and my Dad's flannel shirt that I still have in my closet. He always wore flannel shirts and I kept one of them when he passed away. (As a matter of fact, today is the day he passed away in 1994 from cancer. I love you, Dad! Hope you are watching the Red Sox wherever you are! :))

Here's wishing that you always know what is most important and most dear to your heart.

Michelle :)


Fotf said...

That is so true Michelle, whilst we are all striving for one thing or another occasionally it is important to realise the significance or otherwise of whatever it is we crave or are worrying about. For me it would be my son and the cat and hopefully the portable memory stick that contains most of my photos and peices of art along with my folder full of written works or should i say folders :-)

Michelle said...


I think those are wonderful things to take with you. Thank you for sharing. Yes, it is SO important to stop once and a while and acknowledge what is meaningful in our lives. I'm grateful for your friendship!