Thursday, October 30, 2008


Happy Halloween Eve, everybody! Cant wait for tomorrow, my favorite holiday. Its more like Christmas than Christmas for me. I was born on Christmas but always wished that I was born on Halloween!

I was watching scary movies last night and Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi. Love that show. Will be watching them chase after the ghosts and goblins tomorrow night as I give out my little Halloween witch cards with the candy to the kids.

After its over I will be working on Xmas fairy and my new little "Sweetie" the Candy Cane fairy. Heres my messy sketch! :)


Fotf said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for stopping by my blog, can't beleive you've only had snow once in 15yrs i thought we were deprived. It is so early for us to have snow but i guess with global warming things are gonna change big time. Wish you could come and help me with my balloons too, i could tie your tags to them too. Have a spooktacular Halloween :-)

Fotf said...

Oh btw, love your new fairy, love mint, after eights, Frys Chocolate Cream yum yum x

Michelle said...

You are so sweet! Speaking of sweet, (you have got me on a chocolate kick now!) I love after eights too and anything chocolate and mint - Frys sound yummy!

Happy Halloween!:)