Saturday, October 4, 2008


Believe in your dreams. I have been seeing messages like this all morning. I decided to post a picture of a fairy named Rosie with an "Enchanted Inspiration" about nurturing your dreams. I went to a clients house this morning to walk her dog and in her office she had a poster hanging on the wall that said "believe in your dreams. I kept going to artist's websites that had the word dream in it when I was on Etsy this morning as well. So....I'd better talk about my dreams today!
I have lots of them so I think I will just make a list of my dreams:
I want to be a successful inspirational artist
I want to share happiness, love, inspiration and peace with my art
I want make a living at my art
I want to be a postive role model for young girls
(I want the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series?!?)
What are your dreams? I would love to hear each and every one of them!
Michelle :)

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