Sunday, November 18, 2012


I just finished my new "NOEL" ANGEL DIGITAL STAMP I have been drawing Angels and Saints in my new sketchbook over the last week, I just cant stop:)

I guess that's where the Holy Spirit is leading me these days and I'm so okay with that. I drew a sketch of St. Michael the Archangel this morning and lots of St Francis and some calligraphy too so I'll be scanning and posting those this week.

I hope those of you in the USA have a Happy Thanksgiving this week!




Sharon said...

Just beautiful i'm off to the shop to buy her!!!

Michelle said...

Thank you, Sharon, I hope you enjoy your new "NOEL" image!

Rhonda Miller said...

She is beautiful.

Fotf said...

Wow Michelle, she is lovely. I was thinking about you today and wondering how you are. Hope you are well and Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy x

Michelle said...

Thank you, Rhonda!

Thank you, Kerri, I have been thinking about you lately, too:) I'm doing great thanks for the Thxgiving wishes, I hope all is well with you and Brett!