Wednesday, January 28, 2009


For the last 4 or 5 months I have been writing everyday what I am grateful for and keep a record of my daily abundance as well. I have noticed that lately I am feeling the benefits of this.

Yesterday, as I was visiting my friend, Lexi, the 14 year old golden retriever, I felt so much joy and so much love for her and connected with her like I have never felt with her. I sat on the rug with her and was kissing her head and told her that I loved her and she kissed me on the chin. She has never done that before and it was just so sweet.

I am reading a book that has a chapter on gratitude that says the more you are grateful for your life as it is you will recieve moments of bliss, joy and love because of it. She also went on to say that for 30 days she wrote 5 pages of gratitude every morning and after the 30th day her life was filled with an abundance of bliss because of it.

I started my 30 days this morning and it was easy to fill the 5 pages. I cant think of a better way to wake up! I am looking forward to more blissful moments with my doggie AND people friends!

Would love to hear what you are grateful for today! I am absolutely grateful everyday for being able to connect with all of you and for your lovely comments. Thank you!

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Fotf said...

Hey Michelle, i am grateful that our paths crossed. Tell me more about the grattitude thirty day thing i'd like to have a go, could do with encouraging some more happiness in my life :-)

ale balanzario said...

Hi, I also would love to do thirty days of gratitud, Its true, it would give each one of us bliss in our lives aswell to the world,


Fotf said...

We should start the circle of grattitude:-)

Hibiscus Moon said...

I am grateful for my DH, my dogs, my job, my home, my friends (online & off) and all the wonderful things that I have not received yet, but I know are coming. :)

Kastina said...

Oooh! I love this, I"ve always wanted to do that...I actually do that in my diary every now and then, but everyday probably does really make for some good Karma. I'm a buddhist- or I try to be...and this is def. a key to sucess- accepting and being grateful. Way to go! I love that you do this, give me hope for the world.

Michelle said...

The real gift of writing 5 pages of what you are grateful for (do this for 30 days) is to be grateful for your life exactly how it is. And to know that your life is perfect NOW is, to me, the secret to happiness in life! So anyone who wants to do it with me, lets go! I challenge us all to add a little bliss to our lives!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments about what you are grateful for, I am certainly grateful everyday for you all!

Keep me posted on your progress! It really is fun and is such a great way to start your day!

I love the circle of gratitude, Kerri! Awesome idea!

Michelle :)