Friday, January 23, 2009


I am so in the "Love" mode lately! Which is always a good thing, right? I have been drawing love fairies, kissing couples and wedding cakes and toppers in my sketchbook, on napkins and in notebooks everywhere!
I have been wanting to do a Happily Ever After "peace" and some cute couples for valentines day.
I better stop writing and get crackin! I hope you enjoy my little sketches and thank you all again for inspiring me! You all feed my soul with inspiration and love and friendship every day! I dont know what I would do without you!
Have a wonderful day!


Jade Scarlett said...

Oh, you're so sweet! And I have to say that it is "YOU" who fills my heart with joy everytime I look at one of your beautiful, happy and inspiring paintings. Have a wonderful weekend!

Many hugs,

Shoozles said...

your sketches are magicial

Kimberly said...

Love your work, just happened upon it through someone that is following my blog. I've been all about hearts lately on to something different...that's how it goes...jump from one thing to the next. It's a great life!

Michelle said...

Thank you so much, your comments are like one big hug. I appreciate them so much. I just love my "sketchbook" world. Could stay in bed all day with it!

Michelle :)