Monday, January 26, 2009


As I was dogwalking early this morning with my little friend, Pepper, a cute little Schnauzer, I started thinking about how I could live an enchanted life everyday. You know how somedays you just wake up and there is magic in the air from the moment you get out of bed? How would I bottle that feeling so I could feel that magic anytime or anywhere?
I started to hear really pretty birds singing as we walked and saw a little hummingbird check out Pepper. We had a lovely visit from a very handsome black lab who came over to us in the park to say hello.
I realized that all of those little moments were enchanted moments. They were daily mundane little moments but if I looked at them as enchanted and magical moments, I saw my life as being FULL of enchantment all day long!
So everyday I will be looking for the little pixies of enchantment to tickle me and make me giggle and to make me feel the wonder of a child as I did many moons ago! :) What was your enchanted moment today?
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Fotf said...

Hey Michelle, thanks for your message i will reply properly when i get a mo, check out my latest blog entry if you haven't already

My enchanted moment today interestingly also involved a bird, love to hear them singing and as i walked through the house i heard this lovely song and crept out into the garden to fleetingly see a robin on the tree one or two gardens up. He unfortuantely didn't hang around but reminded me to hang up a bird feeder we have and i hope to encourage him/her back to sing me another song :-)

Jade Scarlett said...

I just love reading your blog! I know I will always find something beautiful and inspiring! Thank you so much and I can say that reading this entry was my enchanted moment of today.

Many hugs,

Mary Moore said...

What a great message. Thank you for that. It's true, we need to look for the little things. That's what's important.

I learned that when our son had cancer. I try not to take anything for granted, although it can be difficult at times.

Leslie said...

What a wonderful way to look at the little things we all take for granted but truly do make our lives enchanted.

Hibiscus Moon said...

What a wonderful post. I had an enchanted moment when I felt overwhelmed my mundane numbers and stress in a banker's office today and I looked at my calendar where I have little enchantments listed like the New Moon days and Imbolc and I remembered what's really important and I just smiled. The stress simply melted away. :) I'm going to go post this on my blog now. Thanks for the inspiration!