Thursday, January 8, 2009


As we all do every January, we make new year resolutions and sometimes they stick and sometimes not.

I actually started back in November because I think of them as not resolutions, but my life goals. I was having a conversation with my friend Jamie a while ago about having great ideas in our heads but if we never write them down and do anything about them they stay in there flying around and we keep floundering and fighting with our goals.

So I decided to make a weekly goal sheet with the date and the goal that I want to make happen and the actions that I have taken to attain my goals. I have been super crazy busy with my other business but at least with the entries on my goal sheets every week, even if its just a couple, I see progress. And that is what is the key. The progress and seeing something tangible coming from it will eventually lead to more and more success. And it feels great!

Another journal I have been keeping daily since about September or October is I keep a daily abundance and gratitude journal. Every night I write down how I observed my abundance and also what I am grateful for. I sometimes write 2 or 3 pages of what I am grateful for, there are SO many things. (I write about all of you alot! :))

So my goals for this year are to submit my work to at least one company to license my work and to approach one licensing agent at least once a week.

What are your goals? Did you think of new ones for 2009? Are you struggling with old ones? Did you write them down? I would love it if you would share all of your goals, I love hearing from you guys, it really inspires me alot.

Have a wonderful and creative day!

Michelle :)


Amariah said...

I love the idea of an abundance and gratitude journal. My biggest goal for 09 is to get organized. I think that it's important for a business to be organized in order to be successful, and that is something I have a hard time with

Fotf said...

Tag your it, hope you don't mind

Caryn Lynn said...

I thinks it is great to have goals. One of mine for this year is to start keeping an art journal. I am impressed that you are so organized that you can keep multiple journals.

Witchypoo said...

Hello, in terms of goals, i guess i knew things had to change, but unfortunely i was so busy worrying about it, i actually forgot to do anything about it! but im fighting back! Good luck to everyone with broken or uncared for goals, and it is still January, so don't give up!I really love your art work, fantastic! Dont you love when you find a blog you really love! Best of luck to everyone!

Ann's ART said...

My goal this year is to paint more often. I have been in a rut painting things that I know I can sell, but not things I really enjoy. So, I am looking at blogs daily for inspiration and maybe new direction. Great post! Maybe someday I can keep a journal.

Jackie said...

I wish I even thought I could keep a journal - so little time and always making choices on how to use it!

Michelle said...

Thank you all for sharing your goals. I know if we all help and inspire each other we can acheive anything! You all inspire me!

Michelle :)