Friday, January 30, 2009


I wanted to add some more thoughts on my post from 2 days ago, "30 days of gratitude", because I have more thoughts to post!

I was watching "Rudy" last night on AMC and there was a line in the movie about the secret to being happy is to be grateful for the life you have now and for who you are now . (not in those exact words but you know what I mean)

I posted my piece, "Air" (from the 4 elements series) today because she is giving herself a hug and is truly happy because she believes in herself and she is happy with who she is inside and out. I think one of the most things to be grateful for is for how WE are now. I have been trying to love myself just the way I am everyday and be grateful that I get to have a strong body for doing all the dogwalks that I do everyday and to have the strength to go to the gym afterwards.

As I am writing my 5 pages of gratitude every morning I try and be grateful for as much as I can think of that has to do with my body and my self love. It takes alot of effort but it definately pays off!

Have a wonderful and creative day!


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Amariah said...

being happy with yourself and your life is definately the key to happiness :-)

Michelle said...

Thanks Amariah, I agree! :)

ruthie said...

Hello from over here! just had to pop by and say what a beautiful, inspiring blog. Love your work . I love too that you write your gratitude pages, i do a very similar thing. Every evening i write down my precious things from my day, (hence the name of my blog), when i need a cup full of happiness i just dip right in & it always works at making my spirits lift. *ruthie*

Michelle said...

Welcome, Ruthie! Thank you for your lovely comments. I am so glad to hear that you write down what you are grateful for every night. What a nice way to end the day!

Michelle :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and inspiring! So hard for me!