Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I have been struggling lately with my creative well. I havent been motivated to work much and I think it may be because I am SO tired from my petsitting business and walking dogs that I dont have any juice leftover when I get home. I hate when that happens!
On Sunday morning, I got up and walked down to the beach to cheer on the runners participating in the OC Marathon.
As I clapped and cheered the runners said "thank you" and one runner even blew me kisses! It made me feel so good that I helped someone else and made me realize how GREAT it felt to give love to someone else.
I felt like my well was so full and almost overflowing that I went home and started creating and was in heaven. I drew this little Mothers Day card design and am in the works inking it so I will have it ready to sell at my booth in the Art Fair on Saturday. I think I may be back!
And as always, I am grateful for all of your loving and kind words that are the wind beneath my wings! Thank you all!
Michelle :)
PS - here is the link to the 2nd Saturday Art Fair that I participate in every month:

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