Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Happiness now was the topic of the day yesterday for me. I was petsitting with my little 15 year old Golden, "Spring" on Monday night and was reading a chapter in a book called Happiness Now. the first chapter was about how the now holds all the happiness and bliss and that attention to the now is the key.

So yesterday on my dogwalks I made sure I kept in the "now" and made sure to stop and smell all the roses I could, looked closely at the beauty in nature and said hello to everyone I met along the way. There really is so much to bring happiness and bliss in just smiling at someone and seeing there face smile back. I love that and do it as often as I can.

Today I plan to do more of it and pay attention to the "now". How have you found happiness in the now? Please share, I'd love to hear your comments! Have a wonderful day full of creativity and happiness!

Michelle :)

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