Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have been busy with petsitting this week and will be till Monday but I have enjoyed one walk in particular for the last 2 weeks. I posted "Forest Fairy" today because I have been walking thru a forest of enchantment lately!
My little black lab friend, Julie and her sister, Lilly Beth the little white doggie with one eye, and I have had early morning walks together and there is something very special happening when I walk with them.
The morning is so quiet and their neighborhood is so green and peaceful and I feel so calm with my two girlfriends. they dont walk very fast so its nice to walk with them.
I am drowning in the scent of jasmine on the first part of our walks, it is everywhere. Pine trees and ivy line the street and walkway of the second half of our walks and by the time I reach this area I have beautiful thoughts of great wisdom that have been coming to me and have answered alot of questions about my art and my life in the past 2 weeks. I feel blissful and peaceful after our walks and thank Julie and Lilly Beth for sharing them with me. I have had more creativity than ever and have been sketching like crazy as well (Lilly the pink buttercream cupcake fairy came to life in my sketchbook this morning!)
I dont really know why, but everytime I take care of julie and lilly I have this magical time with them. I cant wait for August when their mom goes away again!
Michelle :)


Fotf said...

How lovely Michelle, funny where we get our inspiration but i truly believe it is there for the taking if only we have the time, sight and quiet to observe. I know that my Owls brought me messages and who knows where that may take me but i certainly wouldn't have started felt crafting other wise. Can't wait to see your butter cream fairy, i made a cup cake the other week we should share them lol. Lovely to hear from you :-)

Witch Hollow Primitives said...

Your work always is enchanting! I have a special blog award for you, when you get time stop by my blog and get it. It is much deserved!
Have a wonderful weekend.

José said...

Hi Michelle,

When I look at these kind of works, I don't know what I admire most : if the technique or the creativity.

Best regards,